Location Notes
japan/Japan – October 2001 My first experience traveling alone and to countries whose language I did not speak. Amazing experiences in the old and new capitals while exploring a culture and country I knew mostly from the animes I was watching when I was a kid, so far and at the same time so close to the French culture.

Highlights: The golden temple and an imperial residence in Kyoto

hk/Hong-Kong & Macao – October 2001 The main reason of this trip was to come to Hong-Kong to meet my friends Sharon, Siegfried and Mathieu in order to celebrate the union of Sharon and Siegfried Hong-Kong style. Free lodging in the heart of Kowloon, invitations to try the best restaurants and two guides that knew the city by heart made this week unforgettable.

Highlights: The cityscape from the ferry and Macao

london/London – January 2003 A whirlwind visit of all the main sites of London with Tanya guided by Rav. 3 days were definitely not enough.

Highlights: The British Museum

nyc/New York – September 2004 Visit of the Big Apple the right way. It was the perfect place for my friend Mathieu and I to meet again since New York is roughly halfway between San Francisco and Paris. A lot of walking and running. I fell in love with Manhattan and would not mind living there someday.

Highlights: Ellis Island and the Metropolitan Museum

peru/Peru – April/May 2005 A visit of the land of the Inca with my friends Cyril and Luc. These might have been the 18 most intense days of my life. Amazing discovery of the Inca civilization and of some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen in my life.
We managed to see so much that I am still amazed that it all turned well at the end. Especially considering the high number of strange stories we got into!

Highlights: Lake Titicaca, Wayna Wyna and the Amazon

paris/France – March/April 2006 Paris is the city I used to call home. Great place to start this long trip

Favorite places: Gare de Lyon, Bastille, Notre-Dame and Odeon.

egypt/Egypt – April/May 2006 The fulfillment of a childhood dream. One of those few countries where every stone is potentialy an antiquity of critical archaeological importance.

Highlights: Abydos, Dendara, White desert and Dahab

jordan/Jordan – May 2006 The other Holy Land is an extraordinary country for so many reasons. Small, friendly and with two amazing archaeological sites.

Highlights: Petra, Wadi-Musa and the Dead Sea

israel/Israel – May/June 2006 The Holy Land and especially Jerusalem is not the most stress-free place to visit but the spirituality of the experience is worth it.

Highlights: Old Jerusalem.

jordan/jerashJordan – June 2006 Back to Jordan for some more visits mixing ancient civilization and holy sites.

Highlights: Jerash and Mount Nebo

syria/Syria – June 2006 The biggest surprise of the trip. Not the country with the best monuments but Syrian people make for it by far. Just relax in Damascus!

Highlights: Old Damascus, Palmyra and the people.

lebanon/Lebanon – June 2006 A pity this country is taken in turnoils so often. Beautiful landscapes, great people and yummy food.

Highlights: Beirut and the Beka’a Valley (Baalbek and surroundings).

syria/aleppoSyria – June 2006 Back to Syria on my way to Turkey. Old Aleppo is worth the detour.
turkey/Turkey – June 2006 East to West along the Mediteranean Cost. Blue sky, green hills, turquoise water and some nice Greek and Roman ruins. What else could one want?

Highlights: Blue Cruise, Antalya and the people in Adana.

greeceGreece – June/July 2006 So much history. So much beauty.

Highlights: Santorini and old Athens.

turkey/istanbulTurkey – July 2006 Back to Turkey for a more studious visit this time.

Highlights: Istanbul and Capadoccia.

paris/France – July/August 2006 Back home.
england/England – August 2006 Visiting a good friend. Stressing over lost luggage. Getting used to the idea the trip is over.

Highlights: Salisbury

8195Mt Saint Michel – August 2007 While visiting my parents
8301 Western States – March/April 2008 One month ski trip
8299Washington DC. – April 2008
7432Italy – August 2008
Redwood NP – May 2009
Death Valley NP – December 2009
Sequoia NP – August 2010