Now even better with embedded pictures

So, I have been a bit silent lately on this site but things are moving ahead and I will hopefully start writing more often.

As a first step, I have been trying to get the site ready for my trip and the addition of a picture manager was very important. I want something that is nice and works with wordpress so that I can embed pictures in my posts. I had looked at gallery before but did not manage to get it working the way I wanted so I uninstalled it. But lately, I found out about a plugin to integrate gallery with wordpress so I decided to give it another try and I think I like it. Installation went smoothly following the instructions on the different websites. And I have been able to configure the gallery theme to my liking.

So, there is now a new Pictures page accessible from the menu at the top of the page.

And I can embed pictures in my posts like this one I took in Japan in October 2001:


I like it. What do you guys think?