What has been going on?

All right, I have not been updating this website much in the last month except for some technical additions.

The truth is that I have been quite busy preparing and taking care of many things. I wanted to update and write more regularly but it did not work out and every time I would think about it, I realized how much stuff I wanted to write about and ended up not writing at all :(.

So, I think I should just sum-up the last month events in one fell swoop here.

I first tried to get a leave of absence from my company but it did not work out due to many factors so I ended up resigning. My last day at work was Feb 15th.

I immediately started setting the dates for my trip. I decided to end my trip early August in Paris so as to be able to attend the wedding of a couple good friends. So, I had to leave as soon as reasonable to have enough time to travel where I want to go. I ended up buying a round-trip ticket to Paris from March 15th to August 17th. I will spend some time in France at the beginning and at the end and maybe some time in England at the very end.

I have been looking for a way to get from Paris to Egypt but I did not decide yet. Many very interesting options and I do not feel pressed to buy the ticket yet.

I decided to vacate my room and told my housemates as early as possible to give them time to find someone to replace me. It just did not make sense financially to keep renting the place for 5 months.

I started looking for options to store my belongings. Self-storage seemed like the way to go but again, it did not make sense to store the motorcycle (and continue paying insurance and registration on it) so I sold it two weeks ago. The good news is that it took me only 2 days to do it 🙂 and I got a fair price for it.

I also sold the old car that had been sitting in the driveway for a couple months then. It was a harder task than the bike since it was not in very good shape. I could not find the number of the guy that offered to buy it from me several years ago (While cleaning up my drawers later on, I of course found the number of the guy! Well, sorry man.) so I had to find some enthusiast that would want to restore it. And it is exactly what I found (Thanks Craigslist). I did not get much for it but I know it will be well taken care of and the buyer, Ed, is happy to own this model again. I kept his email address and phone number. Maybe I can see it sometime in the future.
I moved out last weekend with the help of Sophie, Damien, Karim and Nicolas (Thanks guys). We managed to fit everything Ledi could not take in a 5”x10” storage room that gladly had a high ceiling ;).

I also bought a boatload… well, actually, a backpack-load of small things to complete my list of things to take with me. I will publish it later so that thefts know what to look for (or not) in my backpack down the road.

I also completed a lot of administrative and financial tasks like filling my taxes (due by April 15th guys!), changing addresses, calling credit-card companies to notify them of my plans… boring and time consuming stuff that needed to be done.

Anyway, it is coming soon. I will be in France at the end of next week and in Egypt by the end of the month. I cannot wait :).

2 thoughts on “What has been going on?

  1. You rock David! I’m totally in awe and amazed at your decision. You will have the time of your life. Have an absoflippinlutely fantabulous time gallivanting all over the world…

  2. From someone who dreams of it, to someone who is about to make it happen, I salute you.

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