Alright, I cannot believe it. I started this site 2 months ago, I quit my job exactly 1 month ago… time has gone so fast because I have been so busy tidding up things here and there. And now, I am leaving tonight for Paris, France.

Surprisingly to me, people have been very supportive of my decision to take some time-off and go on a trip. So far, only my parents have been questioning it, they were a bit worried about the future… well, I guess that is what parents do! 🙂

I have not been to France for almost 2 years so it will be great to see everybody, my family and my friends. It will also give me a chance to explain what I am doing to my parents.

I heard there were large scale student manifestations right now in Paris. I guess moving around might be a bit slower than it could be but hey, it will give me a chance to practice patience and understanding and anybody that has travelled to a foreign country knows that they are two great virtues to exercise.
Well, I have 2 more weeks to complete my preparation. Moving from here to France is actually a good thing because it gives me a chance to see how things are fitting in the backpack I am planning to take for the trip. I do not have everything yet. Maybe 80-90% of my list. The bag is not too heavy so it should work out well once I have everything.

Anyway, I will arrive in Paris tomorrow 6:30PM local time (9:30AM PDT).

Hopefully, it is not too cold and dark in Paris right now. If it is, I will try to bring some sun. Seems like I already packed it in my luggage, sorry for the Californians! 😉

2 thoughts on “SFO-LHR-CDG

  1. Hey, I understand better now that I have read your blog what you are going to do this few month and how it’s important. Not just a simple holliday finaly 😀

    Well, I’m sure it will be the best time of your life and Fryday night we are making a big fiesta before your departure from Paris. (prepare l’aspirine vieux bandit, tu seras pas frais samedi matin ha ha ha)

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