Focus on your world

[09/02/2006: Sadly, the UNEP website does not exist anymore so no more links to the pictures! :(]
While I was in transit at London Heathrow, I noticed very cool photos all over the walls.

They are photos of cool landscapes or animals or people. I really like the idea of having all these pictures in an airport… makes you want to travel.

It is actually part of a program called focus on your world sponsored by BAA (British Airport Authority) and HP that presents a selection of photos gathered by the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) in the 90s in the context of competitions named, you guessed it, focus on your world. You can [used to be able to] see all the winning pictures on the UNEP website. A lot of great pictures mixing joy and sadness, hope and despair… I really like some of them.

Some of these pictures are available for purchase in different sizes. Seems like you can get them shipped anywhere in the world.

Congratulations to BAA Heathrow and HP for sponsoring this program.