The Curse of the Pharaoh

The murmuring sound of the elevator mechanism whose shaft is located next to my room. Imperceptible sounds of voices speaking in a language I don’t understand. A continuous background noise of horn and whistle blowing raising from Al-Tahrir square. Sporadically covered by the wailing sound of an emergency vehicle siren. Joined at regular intervals by the call prayer launched simultaneously from hundreds of mosques scattered around Cairo.

A fizzling neon light. A window that gives on nothing else than the sky since I am on the 10th floor. The reflexion of a poster “Egypt: More than Monuments” in the mirror facing my bed.

This has been my world today as I was recovering from a viral and bacterial attack. I started feeling so-so on Sunday as I was visiting the pyramids. And it turned worst yesterday kicking full gear yesterday evening. I had a rough night but I took it easy today and I am feeling better already.

Getting sick while traveling is quite usual and to tell the truth, the Inca was way better than the Pharaoh at it since it took him only 3 days to get me while I was in Peru (against 15 here).

On other news, I visited more of Cairo in the last 3 days including the pyramids at Saqara, Dhashur and Giza (my first time in a Pyramid), part of Islamic Cairo (my first time in a Mosque) and the tiny Coptic Cairo (my first time in an Orthodox Church, Coptic Church and Sinagogue). Yes, that was plenty of first times! What have I done for the last 29 years?


[4/29/2006: Added links to some pictures]
[5/17/2006: Added links to some more pictures]

6 thoughts on “The Curse of the Pharaoh

  1. Sigfried, give me a call. I want to hear all about the stories you have to tell 😉 .
    Hope you feel better soon David.

  2. The Curse of the Pharaoh is spreading… Run!!! I have been sick in bed all day man. What did you do David to make the gods so angry? I know, I know you set foot in a church, and a mosque and a sinagogue. All gods are confused now :p

  3. Siegfried, keep the stories put until August. I need to be present to do damage control ;).

    Ledi, sorry to hear that. I am actually feeling way better now. Take care, drink plenty of water and feel better soon.

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