I will not talk to much about Tel-Aviv. We stayed there for 3 days. It is a nice clean town with a lot of beautiful people that go to the beach and party hard. It was very sunny and warm all the time. It has great large beaches with very fine white sand, a very nice restaurants selection and a lot of bars and clubs.

On the cultural side, there is the Yemenite district with its narrow streets that is very animated on Tuesdays with the market. A bit South of Tel-Aviv, the city of Jaffa (now part of Tel-Aviv) offers a place a bit more interesting with a tiny Roman amphitheatre and Saint Peter’s church. Saint Peter is a very nice little church that is very well presented and exhale a great peaceful feeling. Definitely recommended even if you are not Catholic.

I did not really like being in Tel-Aviv because it reminds me too much of San Diego or Cap d’Agde for that matter and it is not really what I am looking for in this trip. I had a good time still and it would be unfair to knock down the city. It has a lot to offer if you are looking for a laid back vacation. But then, why go to Israel for that?