First taste of Egypt

My trip from Paris to Cairo was uneventfull so we will just not talk about it much. Just a note for my vegeterian/Vegan friends: do not fly Austrian airlines if you are hungry. There was only once choice for lunch and it was not vegetables! It was very good but just wanted to make a note.

Actually, one more thing. If you fly early from Paris CDG, do not bother arriving too early. Nothing happens before 6 or 6:30 AM. Next time I will know better than wake-up at 4AM ;).

Now, My first impressions of Egypt and Cairo.

Astonishing view of infinite land of sand 5 minutes before landing. I knew there was sand here but I did picture it like this.

And then, I already experience most the things I had been told/warned about:

  • A lot of women wearing the veil.
  • Life and business following the rythm of the prayers. With the call for prayer as well.
  • Men walking arm under arm or even hand in hand in the street.
  • Omnipresent army and police all over town.
  • Crazy driving and jay-walking. I have seen crazy driving in Lima, Hong Kong or Paris but this is one order of magnitude worse. Also, most cars do not turn on their lights at night since it could bother the people coming in the other direction :).
  • People hassling me at the airport and everywhere I go to either get me to an hotel or a papyrus shop . And they don’t go away as easily as in Peru.

I checked-in at an hotel downtown. It is very close to the Egyptian museum and everything else.

I am seeing Karim, the friend of Jacques Alexandre and Raphaele, very soon. Hopefully, he will give me some pointers.

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  1. Hey, so you finally find some internet access for blogging. Good ^^

    I hope you take pictures, I want to see that.

    PS: You should put the number of comment at the end of the post, more easy to see, and the hour of the post! 😉

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