Le Meilleur des Mondes

As this hits your screen, I should be somewhere in between Paris and Cairo.

As I leave Paris, I wanted to make a little advertisement.

While I was in Paris, as you might have noticed, it was easy for me to access my emails and update this site. It was all possible thanks to my friends Siegfried and Sharon that provided internet access to me at their internet cafe located close to gare de Lyon. Thanks guys, I should be back in August ;).
I have known Siegfried for almost 14 years now. They are cool people. If you are in Paris around Bastille or Gare de Lyon, come by and ask for them, they will be more than happy to meet you.


Their cafe is a very nice place, with 11 posts and a very good connection. It is called “Le Meilleur des Mondes” and is located at 4 bis rue Michel Chasles 75012 Paris.

Oh yeah… they offer wi-fi if you have your own computer and they have two computers with QUERTY keyboards if like me you have become AZERTY keyboard disabled.